diamond grinding discs

How to Use Diamond Core Grinding Discs

We are delighted to introduce the newest pottery + ceramics tool available at Garage Clay:

The 8" Diamond Grinding Disc, or the "Potsaver"

Diamond grinding discs permanently secure to any clean flat bat surface with their adhesive backing and are such a game changer when it comes to removing glaze drips, scuffing off kiln shelf residue, leveling warped pot bottoms, or grinding downed chipped pots. Plus, these discs help limit the pottery dust that gets kicked up when using sand paper to smooth pottery bottoms; not to mention, grinding discs making the smoothing process so much faster!). 

Diamond Grinding Discs come in three different grit textures: 

    – 60 grit [coarse] heavy glaze or high-fired clay removal
    – 120 grit [medium] general purpose  / pot leveling
    – 240 grit [fine]  smoothing 


how to install diamond grinding discs

  1. Clean off a flat plastic bat.
  2. Use a permanent marker to draw centering rings on bat. 
  3. Remove red adhesive backing from grinding disc. 
  4. Use centering rings as guide and place grinding disc in the center of the bat, adhesive side down. 
  5. Press grinding disc firmly down and leave a 25 lbs weight in the center of the grinding disc overnight for maximum bond. 

how to use diamond grinding discs

  1. Dunk pot bottom in water or squeeze sponge on diamond grinding disc. 
  2. Turn wheel on high speed and with gentle pressure, glide pot on moving grinding disc. You do not want to apply forced pressure here as it will dull your grinding disc + decrease it’s lifespan. 
Elise + Claire Surma

Elise + Claire Surma

The sister-in-law duo behind Garage Clay with a passion for clay, community, and customer care. When they aren’t carving mountains into pots, you can find them getting lost in them - hiking, camping, skiing, and fly fishing.

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