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Your quick clay Review guide

At Garage Clay we sell clays. Laguna Clay Co. We loooooove Laguna’s high quality clay bodies all with the same level of consistency! Check out our quick clay guide below to find your perfect match 🙂


– M I D   F I R E  C L A Y S –

Speckled Clays 

  • Speckled Buff. [GC top seller] Fires to a pinkish, tan sand color with the most beautiful freckles shining through. Has a mild gritty texture. 

  • Calico. The cheapest mid fire clay body that we carry. It is a wetter throwing clay with some serious grit. It fires a grey neutral with medium speckles (less freckly than speckled buff). Susceptible to minor pin holes.

Tan Clay

  • Moroccan Sand. A smooth throwing clay that fires to a . . .well, a light brown sand color. It’s like the perfect tan, neutral without the yellow hues. True talk: this is my favorite clay to throw with and I just can’t figure out why it’s not flying out the door.  

Dark Clays

  • B3 Brown. The most stunning dark brown, almost black, clay. Has a slightly coarse texture that allows for easy growth. Does require a strict slow bisque cooling + cone 5 glaze fire or else we have noticed some blistering. 

  • Electric Brown. Honestly looks like straight chocolate when working it. Electric Brown is a stiffer + grittier clay body to throw with but allows for height when throwing.


White Clays 

  • B-mix. Everyone’s favorite white stoneware. Our everyday go-to for a really consistent throwing or handbuilding clay. We carry it with + without added grog. It fires to an off white 

  • WC16 Porcelain. All around, mid-tier rockstar white porcelain clay with a quality smoothness. 

  • Frost Porcelain. Throws like the softest butter and fires almost translucent with a silky finish. The starkest white clay body we carry. 

H I G H   F I R E  C L A Y

  • Soldate – 60. Super solid cone 10 stoneware that works well for handbuilding + throwing. 

Elise + Claire Surma

Elise + Claire Surma

The sister-in-law duo behind Garage Clay with a passion for clay, community, and customer care. When they aren’t carving mountains into pots, you can find them getting lost in them - hiking, camping, skiing, and fly fishing.

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