GR Pottery Form Lesson

Join our second Clay Day at Home virtual lesson and learn the ins and outs of using GR pottery forms to make a polished jewelry dish or platter. We promise, your creation will look straight out of a Pottery Barn ad. The best things about these forms? You will be able to use them, again and again to make the same uniformed vessel shape.  

Clay Day at Home lessons are perfect for people who are interested in working with clay but might not have access to a pottery wheel. All of the techniques can be done in your own home and you will be able to replicate on your own after the lesson.

GR Pottery Form Jewelry Dish or Platter

Virtual Live Lesson: Wednesday, May 27th @ 6:30pm mt 

project tool guide

Required Tools

1. Pick Your Mold Form + Size

2. Your Choice of Clay  *Clay is sold in 25 lbs bags. For this project you will be using ~2-5 lbs.

3. Tool that can cut clay. We highly recommend the Mudshark, but you could also use a household item (plastic knife, kebab stick, etc.)

4. Potter’s Sponge

Useful Tools You Probably Have at Home

  • Saran Wrap 
  • Rolling Pin 
  • Bowl of Water 
  • Impress texture tools of your choice: plastic fork, pebble, pencil, etc.

* Watch our tool guide video HERE

Please note: at the end of the Clay Day at Home lesson, you will have a greenware pottery piece. This means, your piece is fully formed but will still need to be bisque fired, glazed, and glaze fired before your ceramic creation will be ready for use.

If you are in the Bozeman, MT area, Garage Clay offers two glaze + firing options:

  1. GC Classic Matte White Glaze + Fire – $5 / item. You drop your bone dry pottery creation off at the GC driveway dropoff shelf, and we will fire and glaze your pieces in our classic matte white glaze. Completed pieces will be ready for pickup within 3 weeks.
  2. GC Fires + You Glaze – $2.50/per pound + glaze costs. You drop your bone dry pottery creation off at the GC driveway dropoff shelf to be bisque fired. You pick up your bisqued pieces and purchase a GC glaze to glaze your items independently. You drop off glazed items at the GC driveway dropoff shelf to be glaze fired in the GC kiln. Completed pieces will be ready for pickup within 3 weeks.
Elise + Claire Surma

Elise + Claire Surma

The sister-in-law duo behind Garage Clay with a passion for clay, community, and customer care. When they aren’t carving mountains into pots, you can find them getting lost in them - hiking, camping, skiing, and fly fishing.

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