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Retail shop in renovation. Free delivery in Bozeman/Belgrade through May. 


Hi There! We are Claire + Elise, the sister-in-law duo with a passion for clay, community, and customer care! We started making pots for friends and family in a small corner of our home garage and after running into hiccups with clay, glaze, and tools purchasing, the hobby quickly spun into a larger business idea. At Garage Clay we aim to make ceramics accessible to garage potters and established artists in the Bozeman-area and beyond. Please stop in and say hi and let us know how we can help you create!

We are always aiming to provide you with any pottery supplies you need. Email us with any inventory suggestions you may have and we are thrilled to supply it to you! 


We aren’t your “traditional” retail business! Garage Clay is our business that comes after our 9-5’s – with that, we will offer after-hours warehouse pick up from 5-9pm or are happy to arrange delivery for you. Once your order is placed, we will be in communication with you to see what works best for your schedule. 

Good news: a retail shop IS comming very soon + will offer regular business hours. But until then, we hope this works for you!

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