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TOOL REVIEW: Mudshark by Mudtools

Before we started Garage Clay in Bozeman, Montana we tried + tested so many pottery tools! There are two we always have in our wheel basin: a fettling knife + needle tool. Before we found the Mudshark, these were two separate tools for us. That gave us double the opportunity to lose them [happens quite frequently]. For our needle tool, we had the basic grey one that worked fine until the needle kept falling off and stabbing us in our slop bucket. 

After a few battle wounds + broken fettling knives, we went on the search for replacements. Then came the Mudshark made by Sherill Mudtools! This two-in-one tool is a life savor + one we use EVERY DAY! “Why haven’t we had this in our pottery lives sooner?” was a common phrase as we use the sharp, plastic fettling knife to cut away our bottom sludge + intricately remove an uneven lip [usually caused from laughing too hard while pulling up our clay]. 

While purchasing products for Garage Clay, the Mudshark was a tool that we swear to always have fully stocked because you can never get enough – even though the bright colors make this tool easily visible. 

Other things we love about the Mudshark? The needle is collapsable to avoid those unwanted pricks, the colors put a smile on your face, they are so durable + hold up to the test of time! 

Long story short: If you are still using a fettling knife and needle tool separately, you need a Mudshark in your life! So hop on over to our wonderful tool selection + try one out. Local Bozeman, Montana pick-up available or flat rate shipping. 

– Have a clay day! 


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