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Clay Review: Laguna B-Mix

Finding a clay you L O V E can be a real struggle. When Claire + I first started our clay journey together in Bozeman, we tried countless number of clay bodies [ our first firing we did together turned out the nastiest yellow you could ever dread to imagine ]. 

But then came along Laguna Clay’s B-Mix to Garage Clay….it was a life savor! 

As soon as we put this clay on the wheel, it was perfect! It centers with ease while having a butter-like feel. As you start to shape your vessel, it has forgiveness…allowing you to stretch, pull, shape, + change your mind while still maintaining its integrity and strength. 

After a trim, dry, and bisque fire; Laguna’s B-mix clay body is technically a cone 5 clay like the majority of their mid range clay bodies. However as Laguna states: “Most clay can be successfully fired at varying temperatures (1 to 2 cones) above and below their indicated firing ranges.” At Garage Clay, we fire all of our clay and glaze to cone 6 and have never had an issue. 

Coming out of the kiln, Laguna’s B-Mix as a lovely off white color + smooth texture. It pairs nicely with any color Coyote Glaze or a simple white. 



B-mix is available currently at Garage Clay in Bozeman, Montana! See our purchase structure HERE + contact us for large shipment orders so we can ensure the best price! Also, as always, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have!

Have a clay day,

♡ Elise


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