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Garage Clay

We are delighted to announce Garage Clay, the Bozeman area clay and pottery supplies store, online shop is OPEN FOR BUSINESS! You are now able to buy clay, glazes, and ceramic tools locally with a click of a mouse. A few things we want to make sure you are aware of as you click through our shop . . .

1) We aren’t your “traditional” retail business!

Garage Clay is our business that comes after our 9-5 desk jobs. The Garage Clay warehouse and retail shop will be open by appointment weekdays 5pm-9pm and on weekends or 218-537-0844 (e) / 320-360-3441 (c).

For online purchases, you can pick up at our after-hours warehouse or we can arrange delivery for you.

2) Garage Clay Retail Space Coming Soon

5150 Thorpe Road, Belgrade, Montana

Currently Garage Clay operates as an online shop or by-appointment retailer. However, a Garage Clay retail space is currently being renovated and we anticipate opening shop doors later this summer for all potter enthusiasts. 

3) Garage Clay Inventory Is Based On Your Needs

We are always interested and ready to listen to your needs!

Garage Clay is ready to hear from YOU – the clay experts – on ways we can better serve your pottery and ceramic needs. Have a favorite clay, glaze or tool brand / product that we don’t currently stock? Let us know by text or email – or 218-537-0844 (e) / 320-360-3441 (c).

Have a clay day,
Claire + Elise


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